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Thongs for Good.

Do your thongs wholistically address crucial social and environmental issues in global supply chains, tackle poverty and seek to shift power in global trade to those who should benefit such as farmers and workers?  No!!!  Then get those evil stompers off your feet immediately! 

There is a way to look good and DO good while wearing thongs.  Yes! you heard right, while wearing thongs.  Surfing Green are proud to introduce ‘Thongs for Good’ by Etiko.  

Who would have thought that just by whacking on your thongs to avoid the hot bitumen while crossing the road to get to the beach, you are actually taking every step on sustainably sourced FSC approved natural and recycled rubber.  

Who would’ve thought by slipping into your thongs before using a public shower to avoid tinea would, at the same time, support a community to tackle poverty by investing in the empowerment of farmers and workers.

Who would’ve thought that chucking on your flip flops because you’re too lazy to do up shoe laces would actually contribute to Sea Shepherd and its mission to conserve and protect threatened ecosystems and species in the worlds oceans and avoid the destruction of habitat and slaughter of ocean wildlife. 

The best part is, you get all of this in one pair of extremely comfortable thongs that are grounded in global best practice and independently verified for just $29.5o.  This price is still cheaper than the leading surf brand but does so much more, you can practically walk on water with our Etiko thongs, that’s how angelic they are. 

Get your pair of Etiko – Thongs for Good here