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The best bio-epoxy to date!

Introducing Change Climate Bio Epoxy 

Change Climate board finished in their very own Bio Epoxy

Change Climate Bio Epoxy  is a revolution in bio resins.   Made with a whopping 77% bio content of renewable biological resources (organic vegetable waste), this is THE BEST environmentally friendly bio resin ever developed to date.  And it is developed right here in Australia.

It laminates timber and foam, it can be used as a casting resin, it can be used as an adhesive. With so many uses in one bottle, you can do it all.

Not only is there huge environmental benefits but there are also health benefits for the user. But wait, there’s more … other benefits include low odour, ideal viscosity, UV stability with a hard cure and … drum roll please … it is BPA free!!!  

We are giving you the opportunity to trial Change Climate Bio Epoxy at an introductory price, but hurry we have very limited stock.





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The Zero Waste Circular Economy 

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