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Perfect for your weekend DIY project our affordable standard Alaia blanks will get you hooked on the surfboard shaping buzz!

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The Alaia Surfboard

The Alaia (pronounced ah-lay-ah) is a finless, thin wooden surfboard with hardly any rocker which was ridden by the ancient Hawaiians. More and more people are now riding Alaias all over the world. Usually between 5 and 10ft long and 14 and 18 inches wide, Alaias can be ridden lying down with fins or standing up like a surfboard. Without the drag of the fin they generate tremendous speed and allow you to do sliding turns and 360’s in the pocket of the wave. It takes some skill to ride an Alaia standing up but once you get the hang of it, it is a real buzz. And if riding the Alaia is not your thing these surfboards make a stunning piece of wall art which you can have fun shaping yourself.

Our Alaia blanks are pre-glued for you and are our most affordable option to get you started. We hand pick the timber pieces and make up each blank individually, making each one very flexible and strong. Our Alaia blanks are perfect for your weekend DIY project and can also be used to make two Paipo boards or alternatively a collection of hand planes. Durable and made from quality Paulownia timber, each blank is unique and ready to make your treasured creation from.


– 6’6″ x 22″ x 7/8″

Please contact us if you require a custom length blank (e.g longer or shorter than standard).

Included in the price of the blank is:

– comprehensive PDF instruction manual (emailed)
– outline templates (emailed)
– standard leash plug

You can read about the PDF instruction manual here on our website.

Paulownia wood is a lightweight hardwood that does not soak up salt water and is perfect for making Alaias. Once shaped, simply oil with lanolin oil and go surfing!

Freight – These boards can be sent anywhere in Australia. 

The package will be delivered by a courier usually between 9am-5pm Mon to Fri. If no one is home at the time of delivery, the courier will usually leave it at the front door if it is safe to do so. If not they will leave a note for you to call and arrange re-delivery. If there is somewhere in particular you would like the courier to leave the package (e.g. side of house), please let us know when you order.

All blanks are fully inspected before transport, so if there is any damage to your blank during transit, please let us know straight away.


Step 1 – Glue the blank.
Obviously if you purchase a pre-glued blank you can skip this step but you can purchase a DIY Alaia kit from us or source your own recycled timber and glue those together.

Step 2 – Cut the outline.
There are a multitude of different shapes you can choose for your Alaia and you can modify any to suit your personal preference or style. We provide a range of templates with our instruction manual which is included free of charge with any blank purchase.

Step 3 – Plane it.

PlanerUse a block plane (and electric hand planer if available) to shape your board. For optimum flex and to reduce weight, try to maintain about half an inch throughout entire centre and start tapering down to a quarter inch along the rails. Down-turned rails along the back two-thirds and up-turned rails along the front third are desirable, but don’t be afraid to get weird! Remember to stop periodically to calibrate your block plane. If there is a bow in your blank, this can work to your advantage, just make sure the center of the deck is bowed up with the rails pointing down.



Step 4 – Sand it.

SandingA belt sander is ideal, but an orbital sander will to the trick. Start with rough grit and finish with fine grit. Avoid sanding the rails and nose of the board with electric sanders so you don’t mess them up… Give these areas some love and sand them by hand.




Step 5 – Put designs on it.

DesignOur favourite step! Get creative and decorate your Alaia for the surf or the wall. You can purchase a soldering iron kit pretty cheaply and let your creative juices flow!





Step 6 – Oil it.

OilingUsing lanolin or linseed oil coat your board to keep it protected and looking good.





Step 7 – Ride it.

SurfingThis absolutely is the most challenging part, but waist high waves have never been more fun!  It helps to do some research on techniques and wave selection, but with a little humility and patience you’ll experience a new dimension in surfing… and you’ll likely be in the best paddling shape of your life.


Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions200 × 56 × 2.5 cm

6'6" x 18" x 7/8", 7'6" x 18" x 7/8"


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