9’6″ – 12’6″ Stand Up Paddle Boards


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Performance Hollow Wood CNC Kit


Ever wanted to build your own hollow wood surfboard? This kit makes a light, strong and perfectly shaped frame and comes with complete step-by-step instructions.  Just add planking for a complete board.



If you want to build a perfect board, you have to start with a perfect frame! These kits are CNC cut to absolute precision, making your board building experience much more efficient and much less stressful. This kit makes a light, strong, perfectly shaped frame with complete step by step instructions.

The 11′ “Malco” was designed by Malcolm Schweizer in St Thomas, Virgin Islands. It has a little concave in the nose and a slight “V” in the tail. Plus the new rib design lets you build the rails two different ways – built up solid rails or wood strip hollow rails. A SUP needs to have good hull speed for “flat-out” paddling but needs to have the ability to plane for surfing. The Malco was designed to acheive both these goals. You can paddle fast for long distances, but still be able to easily surf once you are there. It is designed with paddling in mind – it’s not just a big surfboard that comes with a paddle!

Length – 11’0″
Style – SUP
Width – 30 3/4″
Nose – 23 3/4″
Tail – 19 1/2″
Thickness – 4 1/4″

The 12′ “Lake Superior” was designed for stand up paddling in lakes and calm water. It has less rocker than it’s cousin “The Orca” because it doesn’t have to contend with waves. This flatter profile makes it easier to paddle without plowing the water. The round rails and high volume give stability and maximum floatation. The Lake Superior is also a great recreational float or fishing platform.

Length – 12’0″
Style – Lake SUP
Width – 30 1/4″
Nose – 19 3/4″
Tail – 17 3/4″
Thickness – 4 3/4″

The 12′ “Orca” was designed for stand up paddling which requires maximum floatation and stability. It has a flat bottom and enough rocker so that it is at home paddling into a wave. The round rails and high volume make for effortless paddling whether you are catching waves the way the ancient Hawaiians did or simply cruising the bay.

Length – 12’0″
Style – Ocean SUP
Width – 30 1/4″
Nose – 19 3/4″
Tail – 17 3/4″
Thickness – 4 3/4″

The 12’6″ “Clearwater SUP” is all about performance paddling.  It was designed to slip through the water with minimum effort. The Clearwater SUP was designed by Randy Bogardus and is race proven! The Clearwater SUP builds up like our
other fish bone frame kits.  This SUP designed to deliver speed and stability.

Length – 12’ 6”                                                                                                                                                                                                            Style – Clear Water SUP
Width – 27 3/4″
Nose – 7″
Tail – 14 1/4″
Thickness – 6″

The 9’6″ “Stu’s SUP” is a short SUP that was designed for people that want a shorter, more agile SUP. The Stu is meant to be an open drops and hard turns like a surfboard but give the wide stability of a SUP. The Stu has a fair amount of nose and tail rocker which makes it more suited to ocean paddling and surfing than to flat water speed paddling.

Length – 9’ 6” SUP
Width – 30 5/8 in.
Nose –18 5/8 in.
Tail – 20  in.
Thickness – 4 3/4 in.

What the kit contains:

This kit contains a complete frame consisting of ribs and main spar (stringer) as well as an electronic assembly manual in PDF format covering every step. The electronic manual is emailed directly to you and you are licensed to save and/or print copies for personal use.  You will need wood for the outside planking, fiberglass, glue, sandpaper and common tools  to complete the kit. You can order Titebond wood glue (two bottles) and a vent with standard leash plug or a Goretex vented leash plug as an additional option to this kit.

FREE shipping (kit only) Australia wide and internationally! Allow 6 to 10 days for delivery.

You will need to provide: timber for the outside planking, fibreglass, glue, sandpaper and common tools. Contact us if you would like a quote for Paulownia strip planking for the decking.

For more information:

Check out the FAQ page here.
To read about the process of making a hollow wooden surfboard with this kit, click here.

How your kit comes:

All the ribs and spar sections are cut from the backing material so they fit a package that can be shipped at a reasonable cost. The spar sections are cut at non-critical spots into lengths that will fit the shipping box. All cuts are coded so that matching the pieces is foolproof. The manual shows clear assembly instructions. The electronic assembly manual is emailed as soon as the order is processed so you can start planning while the kit is on its way.

The ideal way to get that precision-perfect surfboard shaped by your very own hands. Order now – you won’t regret it!

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