How to Make a Foam Core Balsawood Surfboard – DVD


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DVD – 27 minutes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a lightweight balsa wood surfboard? Well now you can by starting here with this easy-to-watch instructional video!

Filmed in Sydney, Australia, in reknown shaper Mark Riley’s shaping bay, the video demonstrates Mark building a balsa foam core surfboard.

The current Australian Longboard Magazine Editor Bruce Channon and Harley Ingleby put one of Marks foam core boards through the its paces and it passes with flying colours. Both these guys give it the thumbs up with their pre and post surf descriptions.

This video explains and shows you:

– How to order a balsa longboard
– How a foam core balsa longboard is made
– How the wood is selected, cut, dressed and glued
– How the foam is cut, shaped and laminated
– How the blank is shaped, glassed and polished
– How the fins are hand shaped and glassed
– How a beginner’s board is build
– Harley Ingleby talking and surfing a Balsa board
– Bruce Channon talking and surfing a Balsa board

About Mark’s Boards
Mark’s boards are very environmentally friendly. He uses recycled foam (polystyrene) in his foam core boards and his solid balsa boards feature balsawood from South America where there is little affect on the rainforests because the trees are like a weed and regrow very quickly.

Additional information

Weight.1 kg
Dimensions20 × 14 × 1.5 cm


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