The Traditional Alaia Surfboard by Surfing Green


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The Traditional Alaia is a finless, thin wooden surfboard ridden by the ancient Hawaiians and designed to suit fatter, rolling waves for cruising and sliding rather than high performance, in-the-pocket surfing.


The Alaia is a finless, thin wooden surfboard with hardly any rocker which was ridden by the ancient Hawaiians.  

The Traditional Model – has a smoother, straighter outline than the performance model. The rails are nice and sharp; designed for maximum hold and speed. This model is suited to fatter, rolling waves, for cruising and sliding rather than high performance, in-the-pocket surfing. Shaped using our Premium paulownia timber blanks, these boards are strong and durable.


Surfing the Alaia – fast and fun! Without fins and being nice and flat, these boards like to trim and go fast. While it takes a little practice to get the hang of turning, you will be surprised how maneuverable and responsive these boards are. Sliding turns, 360° spins, speed in the tube and never-ending floaters!




Rails – the hard, sharp edge on the bottom of the rail holds the board and gives it bite in turns.  Thickness – the thin board flexes enormously and creates drive and responsiveness through turns. The flex in the board is phenomenal and you can feel it under your feet as you turn on the wave.  Bottom contours – the smooth, single concave runs from the tail at least 2/3 the way up the board and increases control under the back foot and prevents sliding out too much. The gentle roll from the stringer line to the rails makes for smooth transitions through turns.  Nose – the scooped nose helps prevent nose-diving on steeper waves and pearling through turns.


Width – the ideal width of an Alaia is 16-17″. Any wider and it becomes very slippery, any thinner and it’s too hard to paddle.

Length – 6 – 7ft is the ideal length of an Alaia. Lighter, smaller and more advanced surfers should look for something between 6 – 6’6”. Heavier, taller and less advanced surfers should look towards 6’6” – 7″ for a board with bit more paddle power. If you plan on surfing only small, fat, rolling waves with your Alaia then a longer board up to 7’11” may be suitable.

Weight – finished boards generally end up between 2.5 – 3.7kg.

Materials – we use only Australian-grown Paulownia wood for our Alaias. Paulownia is an incredibly light hardwood with great water and rot-resistant qualities. All boards are handshaped and then sealed with liquid lanolin – straight from the sheep’s back! Lanolin acts as the best water resistant coating you can apply to a wood board as an alternative to glassing. It will keep your board water resistant for months and once it’s in the water it is actually sticky so you don’t need to cover your beautiful wood board with wax. Just unwrap it (recycle the packaging of course) and go surfing!


Premium Alaias are shaped using our highest grade Paulownia timber blanks. The timber is selected by hand and the result is a beautiful, symmetrical timber blank that is made up of 5 even pieces of high grade Paulownia giving you that “premium” finished look.

The boards are guaranteed – if your board breaks due to a fault in the blank within 12 months, we will replace it at no cost to you.

Custom orders are also available if you would like a particular shape or size.

Freight – these boards can be sent anywhere in the world. Boards are wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap, then cardboard and can be fully insured during freight.

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions300 × 50 × 3 cm


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