Alaia Paipo Blank


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Paulownia timber blank ready for you to design and shape your very own Alaia Belly Board or Paipo. Perfect size, fantastic flex – grab a few tools from the shed and get started!



Flat, machine finished, straight, lightweight Paulownia wood blank. Ready for you to start shaping your own Paipo belly board. These blanks are the cheapest, easiest way to get started, making Alaia and Paipo surfing affordable for everyone.

Our Paulownia sheets are great for Alaia/Paipo blanks as they are the perfect size and have fantastic flex.

Included in your order:

– 4ft (1.2m) x 18 inches x 3/4 inch Paulownia blank – suitable for lie down Alaias
– comprehensive PDF instruction manual  ($15.99 value – emailed)
– Australian made leash plug
– outline templates (emailed)

You can read about the PDF instruction manual here on our website.

Paulownia wood is a lightweight hardwood that does not soak up salt water and is perfect for making Alaias and Paipos. Once shaped, simply oil with lanolin oil and go surfing!

The Alaia Surfboard & Paipo Belly Board

The Alaia is a finless, thin wooden surfboard with hardly any rocker which was ridden by the ancient Hawaiians. Recently more and more people have been riding Alaias all over the world. Usually between 5 and 10ft long and 14 and 18 inches wide, Alaias can be ridden lying down with fins or standing up. Without the drag of the fin they generate tremendous speed and allow you to do sliding turns and 360’s in the pocket of the wave. It takes some skill to ride an Alaia standing up but once you get the hang of it, it is a real buzz.

Summary of Alaia construction-

1. Draw outline onto timber

2. Cut outline using handsaw or jigsaw

3. Shape rocker, rails and foil using electric planer or hand plane or electric sander or sanding block

4. Clean up scratches with higher grade sandpaper

5. Burn/carve/paint on logo or design if desired

6. Install leash plug if desired.

7. Coat with lanolin oil 2-3 times.

8. Go surfing!

Full email support on building your Paipo is available when you purchase one of our blanks. As you can see only simple tools are required to build an Alaia. The coolest thing about them is that you can make adjustments to the board in between surfs simply by sanding or planing some more and then re-coating with lanolin oil.

These blanks can be cut to other lengths to suit your requirements – simply email us for a quote.

Freight – These boards can be sent anywhere in Australia.

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