Noosa Festival of Surfing Supports a Cleaner Beach

A NSW-based non-profit environmental organization ‘Take 3’ will have an active presence at the Noosa Festival of Surfing 2012, being held from 11- 17 March, with their simple message to “take 3 and leave a cleaner beach”.

‘Take 3’ encourages every person to take an active role in reducing plastic pollution by taking 3 pieces of rubbish away every time they visit the beach, waterway or…anywhere. It also encourages people to reduce their dependence on single use disposable plastics and take an active role in recycling and minimizing their waste footprint.

Co-founder Tim Silverwood said the team at Take 3 will be educating Festival visitors and competitors about the importance of keeping rubbish out of the ocean and will also be holding competitions and offering prizes to anyone willing to clean up the beach.

“We want to show people that keeping the beach clean really isn’t that hard and can be a whole lot of fun” said Tim.  “The problems of plastic pollution are becoming increasingly well known worldwide and are absolutely devastating, I have seen the great big garbage patch in the middle of the ocean first hand and it is horrifying.

“Once plastic items get into stormwater drains, creeks, rivers and eventually the sea they are entombed for an eternity and plastic doesn’t biodegrade so could potentially swirl around on ocean currents for centuries,” said Tim.  “If it were a floating island of trash it would be possible for us to go and clean it up”, said Tim.  “But unfortunately it is more like a plastic soup. Larger plastic items like bottles, bags and buckets are broken down by the sun and waves into billions of plastic fragments that then remain in the ocean. They don’t biodegrade though, that’s the scary part.”

A highlight of the campaign is a film and discussion evening to be held at the J on Wednesday 14 March at 6pm.  This free event is hosted by SEQ Catchments, Noosa Integrated Catchment Assn and Noosa Biosphere Ltd.  Local businesses including Surfing Green, Wave Tribe Australia and Entropy Bioresin will display their sustainable, innovative surfing products, so we can promise an informative and entertaining evening.

“Noosa has a proud record of caring for the environment so we’d like to show locals our award-winning documentary ‘Bag it’ and discuss ways that everyone can help reduce the plastics going into our precious ocean” said Tim.  “And to help you remove rubbish from the beach, Picitup bags, supplied by Sunshine Coast Council, will be available on the night.”

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  1. […] Come one come all!! Join us next Wednesday from 6pm at The J, Noosa Junction for a FREE (yes, that’s right!) event. Tim Silverwood of Take 3 will be showcasing his film, Bag It and Surfing Green will be there with HEAPS of goodies on display and freebies to win too. We’re looking forward to supporting this local event with a couple of local shapers who specialise in eco boards attending too. It’ll be a great night and there’s nothing on TV Wednesday anyway! Check out more info here. […]

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