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The best bio-epoxy to date!

Introducing Change Climate Bio Epoxy 

Change Climate board finished in their very own Bio Epoxy

Change Climate Bio Epoxy  is a revolution in bio resins.   Made with a whopping 77% bio content of renewable biological resources (organic vegetable waste), this is THE BEST environmentally friendly bio resin ever developed to date.  And it is developed right here in Australia.

It laminates timber and foam, it can be used as a casting resin, it can be used as an adhesive. With so many uses in one bottle, you can do it all.

Not only is there huge environmental benefits but there are also health benefits for the user. But wait, there’s more … other benefits include low odour, ideal viscosity, UV stability with a hard cure and … drum roll please … it is BPA free!!!  

We are giving you the opportunity to trial Change Climate Bio Epoxy at an introductory price, but hurry we have very limited stock.





To order, go to

Keep us posted on how much you love the product. 

Circular Economy Flow Chart_RSPO.png

The Zero Waste Circular Economy 

To order, go to


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Thongs for Good.

Do your thongs wholistically address crucial social and environmental issues in global supply chains, tackle poverty and seek to shift power in global trade to those who should benefit such as farmers and workers?  No!!!  Then get those evil stompers off your feet immediately! 

There is a way to look good and DO good while wearing thongs.  Yes! you heard right, while wearing thongs.  Surfing Green are proud to introduce ‘Thongs for Good’ by Etiko.  

Who would have thought that just by whacking on your thongs to avoid the hot bitumen while crossing the road to get to the beach, you are actually taking every step on sustainably sourced FSC approved natural and recycled rubber.  

Who would’ve thought by slipping into your thongs before using a public shower to avoid tinea would, at the same time, support a community to tackle poverty by investing in the empowerment of farmers and workers.

Who would’ve thought that chucking on your flip flops because you’re too lazy to do up shoe laces would actually contribute to Sea Shepherd and its mission to conserve and protect threatened ecosystems and species in the worlds oceans and avoid the destruction of habitat and slaughter of ocean wildlife. 

The best part is, you get all of this in one pair of extremely comfortable thongs that are grounded in global best practice and independently verified for just $29.5o.  This price is still cheaper than the leading surf brand but does so much more, you can practically walk on water with our Etiko thongs, that’s how angelic they are. 

Get your pair of Etiko – Thongs for Good here

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Paipo’s at Byron Bay

Over Easter, we took Surfing Green on the road for a bit of strategy and planning time, as well as a bit of fun, to Suffolk Park just south of Byron Bay (check it out if you get a chance – great spot).

We only took a couple of Paipo’s for the week and wanted to see how the kids went with them. They had a great time in the shorey at Suffolk and in the break at a very busy The Pass.

I may or may not have had some fun on the boards as well and maybe converted a mate or two to timber boards…..time will tell.

Check out Facebook for some pics of our Byron week.

BTW, we did do that work and planning and strategy stuff as well 🙂

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A new beginning.

During a perfect summers day in December last year, sitting at the Coolum Beach Caravan Park, we found an ad online for, what we now know, was Surfing Green.

Fast forward four or so months, and it is with great delight that I, Amy, and my husband Ben announce that we are the new owners of Surfing Green!

Firstly, a huge thanks to Dave and Nicola for being genuinely awesome people and for building the business into what it is today. We will do everything we can to continue that growth and get the sustainable surfing message out. 

We are NOT in this to get rich fast. We are NOT in this to build it up quickly and sell it off. We are in this because of our love of the ocean. We are in this to leave our legacy, to know we’ve helped the environment in some way.  We are in this to be an example for our kids, showing we CAN make a difference, no matter how small.

We’re planning some awesome things – new products, more community involvement, more content and more messaging. So keep your eyes peeled, jump on board and be part of the solution.    

Can’t wait for the ride.


Amy and Ben

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101 Reasons To Support Your Local Shaper

Ok, so a small exaggeration on the 101 but there are countless reasons supporting your local shaper is better, and quite a few of them have an ecological slant.

Purchasing your stick from a local dude or dudette is infinitely kinder on the environment and ultimately our ocean. Historically, regardless of the toxic nature of traditional and mainstream surfboard manufacture the simple fact that most boards were produced by local shapers to service their local markets made them better than the supply chain we are seeing in today’s world. Although on one hand the surfing community has become so much more educated on how harmful surfboard manufacturing is and the impact it can have on both the ocean environment and the people entrusted to shape our revered guns, on the other hand the nature of global trade and the ever increasing popularity of surfing worldwide has resulted in mass produced imitations being churned out at an alarming rate from our Asian counterparts.

What’s so bad about this you say? Now everyone can get a board cheap as chips and enjoy the stoke just like us. Well, besides the fact that the local break may be much less crowded, there are a few ecological reasons for stemming the flow of cheaply produced boards… 1) developed countries have more stringent environmental and safety standards which result in much less emission of toxic chemicals into the general environment and better treatment of workers (although the average shapers apprentice may dispute that one); 2) the energy used by developing countries in general is way higher, resulting in a more pollution-intensive manufacturing process and 3) outsourcing board manufacture offshore results in lost local jobs, a diminishing of the local community structure and a high energy toll from transporting worldwide.

Above all else, purchasing cheap alternatives is not only hurting your local shaper, it’s ultimately hurting your local break. And we’re sure that’s a travesty we’d all rather avoid. If only we could think with our hearts and not our wallets next time we purchase a new ride.

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Board building philosophy #1

Philosophy #1 from Greenlight…

The Less Work You do to the Board, the Better it Turns Out!!

Yeah, we all know how fun and mezmerizing mowing foam is, seeing your design take shape with every planer and surform pass… But, too many passes or focusing your shaping efforts on that one bump in the nose will render your board thinner than planned, whack out your rocker and foil dimensions, or cut a wonky divot in the rail line.
The less you touch the board, the better it turns out. That begins with efficient use of tools and effective tool technique to take that foam out of the blank just as you intended.
Make sure every pass with the planer, rasp, or sanding block has a mindful purpose and flow with it.

Find much more on this in our Greenlight Surf Supply Instructional Vids, in store here.